Meeting The Janoskians 9/23/2014

Guys I don’t even know where to start.

The show was in Charlotte and that’s about 2 and a half hours away from where I live so my friend and I left at like 11am lmao. That whole morning was so stressful though bc we didn’t know wether or not my friend was going to even be able to go or not. If she didn’t go, i couldn’t either so I was literally about to cry. Thankfully everything went to plan.

We arrived at The Fillmore at around 1:40pm. We spent like 10 minutes deciding where to park not knowing that while we were doing that the boys were taking pictures with the few fans that were there at that time. LIKE WOW lmao. So anyways we got in the meet and greet line, which wasn’t very long at that point, and started chatting with the girls in front of us. Right across from the line was the tour buses.

 I remember glancing at the buses occasionally thinking “wow the boys were in there” when out of no where i see someone walking out of it. I screamed “QUIEN ES QUIEN ES” meaning, WHO IS IT WHO IS IT in spanish, and fucking jAI turns around and waves at us. I’ve never screamed so hard in my life. A couple of minutes after he comes back out and waves again. I had my phone out and ready so i took a shit ton of photos.


The like fourth time Jai came out he took out his phone and recorded a video of us, (still waiting to see it jai btw lol). I screamed “I love your new tattoo” and he just laughed. Y’all i was in heaven. We were in that line for like 3 hours but Jai and James being out there and interacting with us made  standing in the cold and rain all worth it. At like 5 we were finally getting out tickets, beanie, and lanyard.

We were in line ready to go inside when a car pulled up in the parking space beside the line. I remember seeing it but no giving a fuck until a guy gets out of the passenger seat and it turns out to be FUCKING BEAU. Jesus i was ready to faint. He mocked our screaming and then blew us a kiss and walked into the venue. Right behind Beau came Kiana. Y’all she is the cutest little thing omg. We saw daniel briefly but he didn’t really turn around.

Right as we were walking into the venue LUKE WALKS IN AND I LOST IT. YALL DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND. I WAS SPEECHLESS. I remember screaming “COME BACK I WASNT READY” lmao. So anyways, we walk into the venue and it’s smokey as fuck. A guy came up to us and let us know how the meet and greet was going to do down. He said that they had a professional camera guy but that they would also take our phones to take pictures off of it too. One of the girls in front of me asked “but what if we wanna take selfies” and the guys was just like “NO selfies”. Like damn aight fuck u den lmao.

The craziest thing happened not long after we went inside though. The Boys just walked across the room with no security nonchalantly and NO ONE ran after them. I feel like we were all in shock lmao. In the picture of the venue you can see the black curtains, that’s literally the only thing separating us from them. The girls i was in line with and I were peeping through the window and beau fucking saw pointed, laughed, and waved.

The closer i got to the front of the line the more i felt like i had to pee. I was shacking so badly i couldn’t even talk. When i did finally reach the front i had to leave my bag there and stand to the side as the girl in front of me got her picture. I looked at them and almost cried. When they told me to sit on the couch next to them i literally walked up to them with my head down. The moment i sat down both Beau and Jai got hella close to me and Jai but his arms around me. I WAS DYING YOU CAN CLEARLY TELL FROM MY FACE LMAO EW

The Camera Guy took a couple of pictures and was like “okay, next”. I turned and gave jai THE MOST AWKWARD HUG OF MY LIFE LMAO. I was like “thank you so so much” and as he hugged me back he was like, “thank YOU” and went to kiss my cheek but missed and kissed my hair instead. He laughed and said “Mmm your hair smells really good” and actually kissed my cheek that time. BUT Y’ALL DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW GOOD THEY LOOK IN PERSON. LIKE THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT AND SOUND SO DIFFERENT. LIKE THEIR VOICES ARE DEEPER THAN I THOUGHT OMG.

When i got up the camera guy went to give me my phone back. I reached for it but Luke beat me to it. He unlocked it and switched to the front camera and said “let’s take a selfie”.

I almost cried, all i was able to say was “OH MY GOD LUKE”. He took two selfies of us and handed me my phone back. I don’t even know how many times i said thank you but he just smiled at me and said “have fun at the show sweetie”. IM STILL SO PISSED THAT I DIDNT HUG HIM I JUST WALKED OUT LIKE AN IDIOT. DAMN NERVOUS, FUCK YOU LMAO.

I walked out in damn tears, shaking and shit. One of the girl’s i had been talking to all day had saved us a spot in the front row to the very left side of the stage. We walked back to her and took our spots. She asked me if there was anything i wanted them to sign (she was gonna get in line to meet them too). I gave her my phone and 

I WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO EXPRESS TO HER HOW GRATEFUL I AM. I wish i would’ve take a picture of where we were standing but we were at the very left side of the stage. we could see the bathrooms and a door that led to backstage. While we were waiting for the opening act to start Daniel sticks his head out and we lost it. Only a few of us saw him though so I’m sure people were looking at us like wtf. 

The opening act was some guy named Eric Dash. Him and his band were pretty good. I’d never heard of him before last night but he had some nice songs.

The Boys didn’t come on until like 7:20. James and Daniel came out first. We were so close to the stage that every time either one of them reached their hand out we got to touch them. 

I posted a video on my instagram of the first time i touched Daniels hand. Link to watch it is here. Then suddenly out of no where Jai is on stage 

I LOST MY SHIT. LIKE YALL FUCKING JAI WAS IN FRONT OF ME. BUT IT GOT EVEN BETTER. He stayed on stage for a little while before heading back backstage. I was enjoying James and Daniels skit so much that i almost didn’t notice a security guy come right up to us. BEHIND HIM WAS JAI AND HE WALKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I REACHED OUT AND I GUESS I TOUCH HIS NECK OR CHEST OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I FELT SKIN FOR A SECOND BEFORE I HAD A HANDFUL OF HIS HOODIE IN MY HAND. IT WAS TOO MUCH. I WAS ABOUT TO FAINT (I think my friend got a video of it, if she did i’ll post it on my instagram). Not long after Jai got on stage BEAU CAME OUT AND TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF FOR A BIT BEFORE GOING BACKSTAGE AGAIN. 

Finally all of the boys came out and sang Best Friends. IT WAS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. My phone died about halfway through the show :// thankfully my friend got lots of videos and pictures. But bruh, i don’t know if I’m delusional as fuck but Jai kept catching me staring at him it was hilarious. When they did the interview bit 

The first thing they said (which i knew was coming bc everyone always comments on it). Beau was like “I love the accent here. Y’ALL are great”. Jai laughed and said “Oh yeah, we love Y’ALL” they tried their best to sound as country as possible and with their Australian accents it was the cutest thing ever. James said something like “Here in North Carolina we talk like this Y’ALL” and i screamed TRUUUU and luke turned and laughed. 

It was the best show ever. I had so much fun. I just let go, i didn’t care if i looked or acted crazy. I felt so comfortable with the boys, it was amazing. Once the show ended literally everyone rushed out to the buses. One of the security guys came out and said “They’re not coming out”. I really wanted to wait but it was a 2 hour drive back and I had work in the morning so unfortunately we didn’t get to stay and wait. I think they did end up coming out though and talked to all the fans. I’m going to post some of the pictures i took from the show. If you’re still reading by now, bless you lmao. Sorry for any grammatical erros but i just came back from work and i’m too tired to go back and fix them. 


- Maciel.

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You are perfection and your manips are perfection, especially the Jariana ones and I worship you ♥

oh my god, thank you. that means a lot to me.


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Snooki and Joey chat about Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura.

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